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Happy Valentines Day Wishes 2018 - Unique Quotes- Valentines Ideas for Celebration

Posted by Priya
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on Wednesday, 03 January 2018
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After hearing these words our mind and heart clicks reach the same conclusion in no much time that is “love” Valentine's Day is a week full of love. Couples get a chance to express their feelings for each other with different means. It is not only a season for couples or lovers, in fact, all of us can celebrate it. Valentine's day messages can be used by a lover to express their love more deeply and to make their bond stronger and at the same time to make their valentine more special with more love and care.

Valentine's day follows a whole week of different days being celebrated for different purposes and below are some original happy valentine’s day messages for each day.

Happy Rose day:- a day when people give roses to each other to express their feelings and love for each other.

                                     “Red color of a rose defines love between two people”

                                       “Orange rose for you because you attract my soul”


Happy Propose Day:-  When a person finally gets a chance to keep forward the feelings that have been till date hiding away.

                                           “I propose not just to express my love for you

                                               But to tell you that I can’t live without you”


Happy Chocolate day:-  More or less a yummy day! Without delicacies nothing gets a good start. So this day couples share the sweetness of love through chocolate which is the heart of every girl.

                                    “This chocolate even fails to stand against the

                                                         Sweetness of those lips”


                                        “Just like a chocolate helps you to smile

                                       I’ll never let you cry, even for a short while”

Teddy day:- A teddy to hug when not together can be  the cutest thing to gift your lover.

                                                “Hug it when we are far”


Promise day:- Vows to keep one happy, stand together strong, take each other’s care, never let misunderstandings make a place and many others. These promises are made on the promise day which is further bounded by a promise of always abiding by them.

                        “Today on this beautiful day, I want to say that even if I fail to breathe

                                                  I’ll not forget the promise I have to keep”


Hug day:- Hugs to feel the warmth of love and let the warmth slip to the heart through a heart and make this a forever weave.

                                                      “Let’s hug in such a way

                                    That you can hear my soul through my heartbeats”


Happy Kiss day:- A single kiss can make things go beautiful from worse so what can be better than a day named as “kiss day” or rather the most “romantic day”.

                                     “A kiss on forehead to show that I care

                                        And a kiss on lips to play fair”


                                           “I love the way how perfectly

                                              Your lips entangle with mine”


And then the much awaited “valentine's day” when the love-o-meter is high and so is the warmth of love and togetherness. Apart from all the best happy valentine’s day messages is:

                                              “Will you be my valentine?

                                                 For the rest of my life”

Hope the above curates can help you to fill your lover’s life with tons of happiness.

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